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Great taste with soothing effect

A well-balanced blend of green tea leaf, lemongrass and ginkgo leaf, enriched with ever so pleasant chamomile flower. The combination with lemongrass makes this tea even more pleasant for consumption, giving it a refreshing flavor you will not forget. Because of the essential oil in the herb, it has an extremely strong smell of lemon.

In addition to the exotic flavor, lemongrass has many beneficial properties and is recommended to be consumed primarily in the summer time as, due to its antibacterial effect, it helps prevent intestinal infections and diarrhea.

The effect of ginkgo leaf is well-known, as it helps improve memory in people and also peripheral and cerebral circulation, so is therefore useful for improving other brain activities as well. Alongside chamomile flower, it gives a special tone in the flavor of this tea blend, which is recommended for daily use, primarily due to the preventive effect of all the herbs in the blend.

bulk 50gr

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